Insights | What are the strategies for real estate investment?

Through CrowdFunz’s funds, investors have the opportunity to invest in different types of U.S. real estate investment types. Understanding the characteristics of each strategy will help investors choose corresponding funds that suit investor demands based on risks and expected returns.

Insights | 8 questions from Chinese investors to buy a property in the U.S.

Many Chinese investors have asked us questions about buying a property in the United States, such as whether they can buy a house in the United States, whether American properties are expensive, or whether they can get a green card when buying a house in the United States. After sorting out the question list, CrowdFunz would like to list and answer those most frequently asked questions.

Insights | Brexit to Have ‘Close to Zero’ U.S. Impact

Recently, James Bullard, the chairman of the Federal Reserve St. Louis, said that Brexit would not have a lasting impact on the United States, and there is no reason to predict that the United States will fall into a recession.