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CrowdFunz Weekly News 06.12
Developers without 421-a Tax Abatement
With the expiration of the once heavily dependent tax relief granted by the city, developers in New York City are feeling its absence.
Investing 101: Capital Stack
The financial structure of a real estate deal is referred to as the “capital stack”. The capital stack represents all the different types of capital invested into a real estate asset and the relationship between each category. Each layer has its own risk and return potential that is crucial for investors when deciding which type of investment is best fitting.
Chinese American mingled at celebration of Mid Autumn Festival with CrowdFunz
Families and friends mingled at celebrations of the Mid-Autumn Festival at planting field in Long island New York.
421-a Tax Abatement in NYC
The 421a tax abatement program was created in 1971 during a period where residential construction was falling as many residents moved to the suburbs. This program created an incentive for developers to build multi-unit residential projects on vacant land. What will happen to developers now that it is expired?
Buyers Face Increasing Competition in Brooklyn
Brooklyn buyers experienced an intensely competitive market in the first half of the summer, facing higher prices, declining inventory levels and a scarcity of homes sold under asking price.
NYC Real Estate Outlook 2016
Currently, the real estate market is in its expansionary phase where vacancy is declining while new construction is increasing. In NYC, properties sale prices and property rent are increasing as developers are working to fill the demand.
Xinyuan NYC Real Estate Shopping Spree
Chinese Real Estate Developer is buying up real estate in New York City. The latest purchase is a historic theatre in Flushing, NY.
How to Make Money with Money?
A source of income I want to talk about today is residual income, or passive income. This source of income is income that you continue to receive even after you retire from work. Imagine making money in your sleep and waking up wealthier. Well stop imagining because this is possible!
Chinese Investors leading American Real Estate
NYC real estate has reached an all time high with record sale prices and foreign investors are looking for safe investment opportunities.