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Residential Fix & Flip Bridge Loan 601

FLushing, NY
Annual Return

Investment Summary
This is a prefunded residential - purchase opportunity for a Single Family Residential property in Flushing, NY. The developer is requesting a short-term loan of $650,000 in order to purchase the underlying property. The loan is secured by a Multi-Family property (property A) and the underlying property (property B). The As-Is value of the property B is $722,000 and the loan is the first position holder. The As-Is Value of the property A is $1,200,000 and the loan is in second lien position to the first lien mortgage, which currently has an outstanding principal balance of $330,000. No other liens will be allowed without Lender’s approval. The $650,000 loan is 40% of the total value of the collateral. Interests will be disbursed monthly. The borrower has paid upfront 6 months interests.

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