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Preferred Equity Crowdfunz 804

Brooklyn, NY
8.00% - 8.50%
Annual Return

Investment Summary

● Investment Type: Preferred Equity (Personal Guarantee)
● Minimum Investment: $50,000/share
● Projected Term: 6-12 months
● Est. Annual Return: 8.0 -8.5%

Interest Distribution Table:

Property Overview


This project is located in downtown Brooklyn, one block to Sunset Park. Based on developer’s time line, the construction will be completed within this year.

Repayment Protection:

Shares of Equity as collateral: Shares of equity of the development company will be taken as collateral to Crowdfunz.

Personal Guarantee: Developer sign personal guarantee contract, further control the risk of investment.

Withdrawal Mechanism: The Purchase Sale Agreement has been signed. Once the construction completed and CO received, the closing is finished. And developer will pay back Crowdfunz investors immediately.


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