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community facility development preferred equity

Flushing, Queens, NY
8.0 - 8.5%
Annual Return

Investment Summary

Total Investment: $1,500,000(Maximum) *

Expected Annualized Return: 8.0% - 8.5% *

Investment Type: Preferred Equity *

Minimum Investment: $10,000 per Membership Unit

Investment Duration: 12 - 18 Months

Payment Period: Semi-annual Payment in advance

* Expected Closing Date: June 30th, 2019 or After Fundraising Mission Accomplished

* Subscribers will enjoy 8.5%/year expected annual return for investment on & above $500,000, plus 2.5% discount off for purchasing office condo. Final price will be base on approved condo book provided by developer. Crowdfunz reserve the right of final explanations.

* Preferred Equity 807 will take 100% of developer’s equity as collateral when proceed to closing.

Property Overview

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