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Condo Development Preferred Equity 809

Rego Park, Queens, NY
Annual Return

Investment Summary

Total Investment:$500,000 *

* Project 809 has only one round of capital raising, expected finished by 10/24/2019 or reaches the targeted investment amount first

Expected Annualized Return:8.0% 1

Investment Type: Preferred Equity 2

Minimum Investment: $10,000

Investment Duration: 6 - 9 Months 3

Payment Period: Semi-Annual Payment in Advance

1 Subscribers will enjoy 8.%/year expected annual return.

2 Investor of Preferred Equity 809 will take priority of compensation & claim rights over common equity. The net equity value is $2.5 Million. Besides, the developer will provide unlimited personal guarantee. (According to the third-party appraisal report,this property is estimated $5M. $2M land loan has been secured.)

3 The investment duration is 6 to 9 months. CrowdFunz reserves the right of final explanations.

Property Overview

Address: 97-44/48 64th Ave, Rego Park, NY 11374

Area: Rego Park, Queens, NY

Land Size: 4,900 SFT(49*100 FT)

Zoning: R7-1 (Residential 3.44 Community Facility 1.0)

Building Size: 21,756 SFT

Transaction time: Oct, 2019

- The property is located in Rego Park, Queens. The developer bought 97-48 64th Ave on Sep, 2012 with $735K. They acquired 97-44 64th Ave by October, 2019. The property value is estimated $5M and the developer has been approved with $2M land loan by the bank. CrowdFunz will raise $500,000 as preferred equity for this developer.

- Located next to the core business district in Rego Park,adjacent to several major shopping malls, living facilities and entertainment. It is by the intersection of I-495 and Queens Blvd, 5 mins walking distance to the subway station. Now there are only two two-family houses in this property but seven-floor apartment building can be built in the future.

- 20 mins drive to LGA, JFK or Flushing. Also transfer is available in Forest Hills to LIRR if going to Long Island.

* According to BBG appraisal report in Oct, 2019,this property value is $5M.
* This project has been approved with $2M land loan by the bank,Crowdfunz will raise $500,000 as preferred equity.


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