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Condo Development Preferred Equity 811

Manhattan, NY
8.0 - 8.5%
Annual Return

Investment Summary

Total Investment: $3,000,000 *

First Round: Funding Amount: $1,500,000, Funding Deadline: 01/20/2020
Second Round: Funding Amount: $1,500,000, Funding Deadline: 02/20/2020

Expected Annualized Return: 8.0% - 8.5% 1

Investment Type: Preferred Equity 2

Minimum Investment: $10,000

Investment Duration: 12 - 18 Months 3

Payment Period: Prepaid Interest Every Six Months

1 Subscribers will enjoy 8%/year excepted annual return for investment $10,000-$290,000. Subscribers will enjoy 8.5%/year expected annual return for investment on & above $300,000.

2 This project is preferred equity project. The developers 'equity of $13.5M lays last in the capital stack. Before fully paying investors and interests, the developers cannot exit. This is to ensure investors 'interests and the developers also provide unlimited personal guarantee.

3 The developer can choose extend another 6 months at the end of 12th month, Crowdfunz reserves the right of final explanations.

Property Overview

Address: 173-175 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002

Area: Lower East Side, New York, NY

Land Size: 4,346 SF(38.5*117.6 FT)

Zoning:C6-3A (Residential + Commercial Times 6.5)

Building Size: 28,249 SF

Transaction Time: Oct. 2014

- Subway about 15mins ride to midtown, 10mins to ferry,15mins to BK downtown and 40 mins to Flushing, Queens.

- The project is located on Chrystie St and the tenants will face to the park to enjoy very rare green view in Manhattan. There is rich history in the surrounding district and there are full of fine dining and art centers. About 5mins walk to reach 6 subway lines to reach anywhere in NYC.

- The developer purchased this land for $15.5M in Oct, 2014, about $575/SF. The construction started from Feb., 2017. It’s going to be a high-end 10 floors-residential building by April, 2020. The developer has put $13.5M into this project and also need $3M preferred equity from Crowdfunz to finish the construction.


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